Local 21 Year Old, Infant-Qualified Au Pair from Brazil Available to Join New Family ASAP!


If you are in search of affordable and flexible childcare and you have room in your home for a live in provider, consider hosting an au pair. Au pairs provide up to 45 flexible childcare hours per week in exchange for a weekly stipend, room and board. They can get the kids up and ready for their day, prepare their meals, do their laundry, oversee their daily activities, and tidy up after them. You can change the schedule from week to week as long as you factor in 1 1/2 consecutive days off per week, 1 full weekend off per month and 2 weeks of paid vacation per year. The average cost per week is $405, regardless of your family size. To learn more about our program, you can call me (Rhonda) on my Land Line # 703-270-9011 or inquire at www.culturalcare.com/rcolley

There are occasions when an au pair is already in country and needs to find a new family due to various circumstances with her original host family. Below is one of those au pairs who can join a famliy in the next couple of weeks and has much of her year left to be with her next host family and she has the option to extend a 2nd year.

Meet 21 Year Old Au Pair from Brazil, Ester Ester join her current host family in late March, 2021.

Ester is qualified to care for infants and toddlers and also has experience with preschool and school aged children. Her current family have 4 children, 9, 8, 3 and 9 months. She is great with the younger ones but, due to her weak English proficiency, the older children have not been able to bond with her as they can’t communicate with her. Ester has taken an intensified 10 week English Course and her host family purchased Rosetta Stone in hopes that her English would have improved. At this point, they do not feel that they can continue for the rest of Ester’s year, which ends in March, 2022 so they decided to transition from her. Ester would do well with a family where a member of the family speaks Portuguese. She hopes to improve her English but, as of now, Google Translate is the best way to convey things to her. Let me know if you are interested in learning more!

Friday, 9 July 2021 11:37 AM


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