Meet 4 Au Pairs Who are Extending a 2nd Year and Seeking New Host Families To Join

Many American families have had to make a lot of adjustments in their lives during the pandemic. Parents of school aged children are eager to get their children back to school but don’t feel secure in how long schools will stay open, if they open at all. Summer camps are, either full or not an option for some parents due to their Covid concerns. Parents of infants/toddlers/preschool aged children are struggling to find day care centers that have any openings, not to mention the concerns of Covid exposure with their little ones.
Hosting an au pair for your childcare needs allows families the peace of mind that their children are cared for by a live in provider who follows your Covid guidelines. Au pairs are eager to join families during the pandemic as they are able to earn an income and to enjoy a cultural experience with their host families.
They provide up to 45 flexilble childcare hours per week in exchange for room and board and a weekly stipend. Your weekly cost is $400 regardless of your family size. We recruit, screen, and thoroughly qualify each candidate in our offices in their home countries.
Meet 20 Year Old Au Pair from Brazil, Extending for a 2nd Year Starting in May
Mayara has been caring for 4 children , ages 3 – 16 during her current year in Texas.
Her host family speak very highly of her and say that she is the best au pair they have ever had. Mayara has a super happy, uplifting personality. She is that type of person whose smile enlightens the room! She is funny, extroverted, and easy to like.
Mayara is extending for a 2nd year starting in May and she would like to experience a new region of the country.
She is an experienced US driver and speaks excellent English. She is qualified to care for infants with nearly 1000 verified hours of infant care experience. She is open to caring for as many as 3 children with her future host family.
Meet 20 Year Old Au Pair from Argentina, Macarena
Macarena will complete her first year in the in Seattle Washington where she has been caring for 4 children, ages 3.8 and 3.8 and 6.3 and 8.5. Her current host family say that she is organized, keeps track of the children”s routine and activities, helps with keeping the house tidy around 4 children, enjoys cooking, and keeping the kids on track with their school work.
She is an experienced US driver and speaks excellent English. She happy to join a new family with as many as 4 children over the age of 2.
She plans to extend for 12 more months staring in early August. She would love to experience another region of the country.
Meet 22 Year Old Au Pair from South Africa, Boitumelo
Boitumelo (Melo) is currently caring for an infant and a 2 year old for a host family in Minnesota. She plans to extend for another 12 months and would like to join a family in a new region of the country. She is open to caring for as many as 5 children over the ages of 18 months.
Melo comes from a very loving family, who enjoy going to church together. She says that her family has taught her the importance of unity, and to be grateful for everything she has.
Her current host family has this to say about her.
“Our son loves Melo. He is happy to spend time with her and loves playing with her. They are a good match. He has a strong personality and is sensitive and outgoingHer honesty, thoughtfulness, flexibility, adaptability, commitment to her personal growth, her appreciation of open communication and direct feedback.”
She is an experienced US driver and speaks excellent English. She is available to join a new family in late June, 2021.
Meet 25 Year Old BroPair from Colombia, Alejandro
Alejandro is currently caring for 3 children, ages 4, 7, and 9 for a family in NY. He plans to extend for a 2nd year and would love to join a family in a new city for him to experience..
His current host family have this to say about him –
“Alejandro is reliable and willing to help us out. This year has been difficult with COVID and he’s understanding of the various challenges and the last minute changes that come about.
Alejandro is very good with playing with the kids and encouraging them as they complete schoolwork.”
His extension year begins in early July when he can join a new host family.
He is an experience US Driver and speaks English well.
Alejandro has been a teacher since then, he is a very dedicated and outstanding person. Alejandro is currently a graduate in English.
He is open to caring for 2 children over the age of 3 for his next family.
If you would like to learn more about these au pairs or would like additional program information, give me a call on my land line # 703-270-9011 or inquire at

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