Planning for Spring/Summer Childcare? Meet Awesome Au Pairs from Around the World!

Families are gearing up for their childcare starting in the Spring and Summer months. Now is a great time to get started on reviewing some of our many highly qualified au pairs. Our Cultural Exchange Program is celebrating our 30th anniversary this year. US families and young people from around the world enjoy spending a year or 2 together and build life time relationships that last well beyond their time together. Young men and women from around the world are eager to experience a new culture by joining our program and becoming a part of a host family’s lives.
Families enjoy greater flexibility with their weekly childcare needs to include, up to 45 hours per week, including week days, evenings and weekends.
They provide care for the children, do their laundry, make their beds, prepare meals, get them ready for their day, take them to activities and can even teach them their language.
Au pairs are highly screened and qualified in their home countries which includes speaking to their references, interviewing them, and they ages of children they have cared for.
The average weekly cost for 45 hours of childcare per week is $400, which breaks down to less then $10 per hour. Take a look at some of our wonderful candidates. If you’d like to learn more about any these au pairs and how our program works, give me a call at 703-270-9011(land line).

21 Year Old Au Pair from Poland, Damian

Damian has an impressive childcare background with children between the ages of 2-6. He is a strong driver, and experienced swimmer and enjoys martial arts. He speaks English well. He enjoys being creative with indoor activities with children like drawings, plasticine gliding, origami, reading a books, dances. It depends of what kid likes. In outdoor we can going at swimming pool, riding a bike and, in the garden, we can play ball.
Damian has a good understanding of a typical day as an au pair. He would like to take some music classes at a local college and develop his passion for music. Daniel would like to have a friendly relationship with the host family and become part of it. In his free time, he would like to travel and explore USA.
He is available to join a family in the US as soon as April, 2019.
22 Year Old Au Pair from Poland, Angela

Angela has over 1300 verified hours of childcare experience with infants and toddlers, and preschool aged children. She speaks English well and is an experienced “seasonal” driver.
Angela is really great in a listening people, she always knows how to cheer someone up. She is ready to help you whenever you have a problem. In her free time, she likes to read books and learn how to play on a keyboard. Angela really loves to play in basketball – she is a Los Angeles Lakers fan! She inquisitive and always makes a point of being clear of what’s expected of her and how things should work. She is very ambitious person.
Angela plays guitar and she is always happy to teach children. She already was an au pair in England for two months, so she already has some experience as an au pair and she loved it. Angela loves to bake and she is always trying to do something with kids like cupcakes and cookies. She loves to spend time with children.
She is available to join a US Family as soon as April but is also open to waiting a month or two for the right family.

23 Year Old Au Pair from Great Britain, Christine

Christine has over 2000 verified hours of childcare experience with infants and toddlers in addition to children between the ages of 2-7. He is an experienced driver and speaks perfect English!
He enjoys play Rugby and is involved with CrossFit. He enjoys mountain biking, camping and hiking.
I love to take children to their local park, cycle around their cul de sac, take their dog for walks, go to the swimming pool, go to jumping world, take pottery classes and make trips to the beach
He enjoys helping children with their homework and science projects.
He is open joining a family with, an infant (preferably 6 months or older)and as many as 2 additional children .
He is available to join a family anytime between April and July.
22 Year Old Zonneline from South Africa

Zonneline has over 950 verified hours of childcare experience with infants and toddlers and additional experience with children between the ages of 2-15.

She is an experienced driver and and a great swimmer.

She enjoys skateboarding basketball, gymnastics, fencing, horseback riding, archery, ice skating, and handball.

She loves playing piano and plays as often as she can in hopes of becoming more adapt at it.
Her motivation to become a au pair is to travel to a different country, meet new people and become part of another family. In her previous job, in direct marketing, she was able to travel throughout South Africa. She always wanted a job that will allow her to see other places as she has a passion for it. The au pair program fits into her future plans as it allows her to be in another country, working with kids, cultural exchange and it will expose her to the world and giving her the opportunity study in the US. As an au pair she would like to play the role of a big sister to the children, someone they can look up to and talk to any time and trust. She would also like to be of big help to the host parents, she wants to be extra support system and someone they can trust on for the safety and well-being of their children
She is available to join a US family anytime between April and September.
26 Year Old Au Pair from Argentina, Reynaldo

Reynaldo has hundreds of verified hours of childcare experience with children between the ages of 5-10
He is an experienced driver. and has owned his own car in Argentina for several years.
He loves all sports and has been a P.E. Teacher in Argentina. He loves kayaking, mountain biking, playing the ukulele.

He loves keeping children active when the weather is suitable and is creative with indoor activities such as doing crafts, playing board games, and reading books.

Reynaldo wants to travel is interested in visiting different places, such as National Parks. He loves spending time out in the mountains. One of his goals during his year as an au pair is to develop a great relationship with his host family. He believes the au pair program is a great opportunity for him because he is confident about his childcare abilities. After becoming a PE teacher, he discovered that he can teach but he can also educate kids by playing and staying active. His family supports him in every decision and wants him to travel right away because they know how valuable cultural exchanges are.
He can arrive as soon as April or May.
26 Year Old Au Pair from Thailand, Napapun

Napapun has over 1800 verified hours of childcare experience with infants and toddlers in addition providing care for children between the ages of 2-12.
She is an experienced driver and has done a lot of city driving in Thailand. She loves playing basketball, chair ball, badminton and swimming.
Napapun graduated from Chulalongkorn University, faculty of Education. She is applying for a Thai musical instruments and Thai dancing teacher in a secondary school. She loves reading books,playing Thai musical instruments,Thai dancing,hip hop dancing, taking care of her nephews,going to her juice smoothies shop, basketball, swimming, and making flower bouquet for her mom. She is lovely, sincerely and confident. Her English is rated as great in communication. Her dream job is a owner of a nursery.
She enjoys doing activities in a house learning about movement such as singing and dance. She enjoys reading to children and doing arts and crafts.
For outdoor activities, she can teach children how to play a basketball, dancing, and exercise, running, playground, and blowing bubbles.
She can arrive to a US family in May, June or July.
24 Year Old Au Pair from Thailand, Surachet (Gun)

Gun has over 800 verified childcare hours with infants and toddlers and additional hours of experience with children between the ages of 2-9.
He is an experienced driver and has driven a lot in cities in Thailand.
He is a strong swimmer and enjoys badminton, table tennis, and basketball. He loves the sounds of the piano, especially the songs from Japanese anime. He likes to listen to many kind of songs such as Classical Music, Country Music, R&B, Jazz, and J-Pop.
He enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities with children. The kinds of activities that he enjoys includes playing trampoline, games, biking a mini bike, playing at the playground, playing lego, and reading a story. Kids are excited when they meet new things and people.
Gun loves to spend most of his time creating variety kinds of activities for the children. He also loves to support the children under his care doing lots of activities as he knows that good activities can enhance their skills. Moreover, he is a good listener and calm person. He can also give well advises to the children when they have problems. He can also take care of children in different ages.
He can join a family anytime as early as April into Spring and Summer.

To learn more about any of these au pair s, call  Childcare Consultant, Rhonda Colley at 703-270-9011 for more information

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