Meet 3 Au Pairs from Argentina Eager to Join Families as Soon as June

Are you searching for affordable live in childcare with greater flexibility with your weekly hours? Do you know someone who is in need of childcare and has room for a live in provider. Please share this with them.
Consider hosting an au pair.
During non-Covid times, we bring au pairs into the US to their host families from over 30 countries. At this time, we are limited due to travel bans and embassies being closed in many countries. The good news is that we are able to bring in au pairs from Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico and have ramped up our recruitment efforts in those countries to allow families who need childcare starting in the summer months find some terrific au pair candidates to consider.
With au pair childcare, you have 45 flexible hours per week to include weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Your au pair can get your children up in the mornings and ready for their days, prepare their meals, arrange playdates, drive them to activities, do their laundry and tidy up after them. They get 1 1 /2 consecutive days off per week and one full weekend off per month. All for $405 per week and room and board.
We screen and qualify the au pairs in their home countries included background checks, childcare backgrounds and references, and lots of helpful information we about them in their profiles for families to review before deciding if they want to interview them.
Today, I am featuring 3 au pairs from Argentina who are eager to join US families as soon as June or later in the summer.
Meet 22 Year Old “BroPair” from Argentina, Mati
Mati is an energetic person who people feel automatically drawn to. He describes herself as someone honest, respectful, responsible, and naturally nurturing. In his group of friends, he is the one opened to listen and that always has the right advice. He is very family oriented and close to his parents and his 2 brothers.
He has a wide range of childcare experience with children between the ages of kids between the ages of 2 -16. He’s gained much of his experience babysitting for family and neighbors. He has also coached sports for kids over the years.
He speaks English well and is an experienced driver. He would be great for a family with kids who play sports and prefers caring for 2 children.
He is available join a family as soon as June but is willing to wait for the right family.
Meet 23 Year Old “BroPair” from Argentina, Facundo
Facundo is a musical theatre performer and loves to engage children in the arts.
He is studying a degree in choreography composition in the University Nacional de Artes. Since he was little he dance and loves this. He also work in a dance company as a teacher.
Facundo is a responsible, friendly and sociable person. When he is working with kids he knows that they are his main responsibility and he want to do a great job. He describer himself as an extroverted person. When he is in a new place and doesn’t know anybody he loves to be the one that breaks the ice and start talking with all of them. If he has a problem with somebody he thinks that the best way to fix it is by talking with honesty and respect.
He has a wide range of childcare experience with children between the ages 2 – 15 and is open to caring for as many as 5 children. He is an experienced driver and speaks English well. He can join a family as soon as June but can arrive later for the right family.
Meet 20 Year Old Au Pair from Argentina, Marti
Marti has over 2000 verified hours of infant/toddler experience in addition to older children she has cared for. She is open to caring for as many as 3 children. She is an experienced driver and speaks English well.
She enjoys keeping children engaged with stimulating games, books, trips to the park, and baking them special treats.
In 2018 her school offered an “intern project’. She decided to become an intern at her own school as a teacher’s aide in the kindergarten and she really enjoyed it. After that experience, she realized that she wanted to continue working with children. A year later, in 2019 a friend told her about a school support class for children. She decided to participate and found that it was a very interesting and enriching project that taught her a lot about other people’s reality.
She is excited for her experience as an au pair with a host family in the US. She can arrive in June but has flexibility to wait for the right family.
To learn more, feel free to call me on my Land Line #703-270-9011 or you can inquire at I have been a Childcare Consultant for this wonderful cultural exchange program for over 15 years and have lots of helpful information to share with you.

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