Meet Au Pair from Argentina – Infant Qualified, Strong Driver, Speaks English Well

Many American families have had to make a lot of adjustments in their lives during the pandemic. Parents of school aged children are eager to get their children back to school but don’t feel secure in how long schools will stay open, if they open at all. Parents of infants/toddlers/preschool aged children are struggling to find day care centers that have any openings, not to mention the concerns of Covid exposure with their little ones.
Hosting an au pair for your childcare needs allows families the peace of mind that their children are cared for by a live in provider who follows your Covid guidelines. Au pairs are still eager to join families during the pandemic as they are able to earn an income and to have a cultural experience with their host families.
They provide up to 45 flexilble childcare hours per week in exchange for room and board and a weekly stipend. Your weekly cost is $400 regardless of your family size. We recruit, screen, and thoroughly qualify each candidate in our offices in their home countries.
Meet 24 Year Old Au Pair from Argentina, Camila
Camila has an impressive childcare background. She has over 3800 verified hours of infant/toddler experience as well as additional experience with children between the ages of 2-10. She acquired much of her experience working as a nanny and also spent the summers as a Camp Counselor.
One of her references has this to say about her –
“My wife and I have a summer camp for disabled children. Camila worked with them as a volunteer animating. She was an assistant to one of the groups and helped out with the children who have autism. Camila has a cousin with autism she wanted to learn about it to help out her family. They did the camp every day from 9 to 12 and do different recreational activities. snack time, games and pool time. I recommend her because she is someone very kind and sweet to the children and she has great initiative and she has a lot of empathy with the kids.”
“She is very sympathetic, very kind and polite. She is honest and is very prompt at work. She is very family oriented and comes from a family who are very close. She also has great values.”
She is currently enrolled at a University where she is studying Tourism.
She is an experienced driver and speaks English well.
Camilo is able to join a US family anytime after May into the summer. She enjoys cooking, baking, reading, playing sports, arts and crafts, and traveling.
She is open to caring for toddlers, preschool, and school aged children.
To learn more about hosting, give me a call on my Land Line # 703-270-9011. My name is Rhonda Colley. I am a Childcare Consultant for our wonderful au pair program and am happy to answer your questions and provide you with helpful program information . You can also inquire

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