Meet 4 Au Pairs Who Are Available to Join Families in January, 2020

Is your childcare evolving or not meeting your need for greater flexibility?
Do you have room in your home for a live in childcare provider?
Are you paying way too much for childcare and thinking there are no other options?
Consider hosting an au pair. You can enjoy up to 45 flexible childcare hours per week, regardless of your family size, to include week days, weeks nights and weekends for under $10 per hour.
With au pair childcare, you can change your schedule weekly, based on your needs. Au Pairs can care for your children, do their laundry, prepare their meals, take them to their activities and keep their rooms and play areas tidy.
Some of our au pairs are already in country and eager to find new families. Below are 4 terrific au pairs who can join families in the month of January.
Call me at 703-270-9011 or inquire here  if you would like to learn more about our program or any of the au pairs I am featuring.
Meet 27 Year Old Au Pair from Brazil, Jessyca
Jessyca has over 1000 verified hours of infant/toddler childcare experience. She relates well to younger children.
She has had her driver’s license since 2012 and is comfortable driving in the US
She is comfortable with all pets other then cats due to allergies
She is a vegetarian
She speaks English proficiently but is eager to study English while here in the states to improve her speaking skills
Her current year will end in August, 2020 and she has the option to extend a 2nd year
Jessyca can join a family by the end of January, possibly sooner
She earned a degree in Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science and Economics, and will focus on specializing in Science and Economics with an emphasis on Controllership and Actuarial Sciences.
Jessyca likes to have her own independence, likes to enjoy moments alone, meditating, making a constant search for spiritual evolution, having contact with nature and with animals. She is a cheerful, fun, spontaneous, simple girl, likes to be authentic and confident. She takes singing classes, she is a soprano in Varginha’s music conservatory, sings solo or in double. She has diverse tastes in music, reading novels, going to museums, enjoying cultural programs. She enjoys excersicing and keeping fit. In college, she was part of the football team. She also enjoys traveling, going to beaches and waterfalls, swimming and running. She takes actions in nursing homes, spends the day talking to them, giving attention and affection. She is playful and dedicated, believes that she adapts easily to changes and new routines.
Meet 24 Year Old Au Pair from South Africa, Shanice
Shanice arrived to the US in early December, 2019 and has most of her year remaining to be with a host family and has the option to extend a 2nd year.
She has over 1400 verified hours if infant/toddler childcare experience and prefers to care for toddlers and preschool aged children as well as elementary school aged kids.
She is an experienced driver
She speaks excellent English
She’s comfortable around dogs but prefers not to join a family with cats
Her current year ends December, 2020
She can join a family in mid January
She prefers to join a Christian based family
Shanice is a creative and adventurous young lady. She loves to draw, sew, cook and also spend time outdoors hiking and playing sports. Family is the most important aspect of life and she is very grounded in and dedicated to her Christen faith. Her main passion in life is fashion design and empowerment and care of the youth. She is a dedicated Sunday school teacher and a volunteer of her churches out reach program for the youth.
Meet 20 Year Old Au Pair from South Africa, Tshepahalo (goes by Choppy)
Choppy arrived to the US in early December, 2019 and has through December 2020 to complete her current year with the option to extend a 2nd year.
She is an experienced driver in South Africa but has not driven in the US since she arrived.
She has hundreds of hours of childcare experience with toddlers, preschool and school aged children.
She speaks excellent English
She is comfortable joining a family with dogs but has cat allergies
She is able to join a family anytime between now and January 20th
Choppy has been working at Young Minds with kids from 3 months to 24 months, for over a year and she has her Early Childhood Development Certificate; Practitioner level. She enjoys going to the movies and watching cricket. She spends most of her free time with her brother’s two kids that are aged 2 and 8. She is a talkative and friendly person. Choppy says her best friend would describe her as funny, caring, bubbly, and an introvert. She is most proud of the fact that she was the first person in her family to finish her matric.
Meet 20 Year Old Male Au Pair from Germany, Paul
Paul arrived in July, 2019 and has through July 2020 to complete his first year with the option to extend a 2nd year.
He speaks English well
He is a confident and experienced driver
He is great with toddlers and preschool aged children and has also provided childcare for elementary school aged children as well
He is comfortable around all pets
He is able to join a family right away
When first meeting Paul, one can automatically see that he knows exactly what he wants in life and that he goes for all of it. He lights up a room and his sense of humor makes everyone ease up and have a good time. . Elias believes that you can be anything you want to be in life, but that you have to work for it and be dedicated towards that
He loves to read to the children and enjoy the calm moments but also enjoys engaging with spirited children with a lot of anger. He loves keeping children active and engaged. He’s comfortable with caring for both genders and has a lot of experience with girls having grown up with 2 sisters

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