Terrific Male Au Pair from Germany – Extending for 9 Months in August – Ideal for Family Needing School Year Childcare


Often, I hear from parents who are educators and have summers off. They only need to arrange for childcare during the school year. As a Childcare Consultant for a wonderful cultural exchange program, I often feature au pairs who are already in country and preparing to extend for a 2nd year.
The au pair I am featuring today will complete his first year with a host family in Arlington Va and decided to extend for 9 months, stating in August. He’s great with children, ages 2 and older and is very familiar with the DC area and would love to extend in this area.
Thousands of US host families enjoy 45 Flexible Childcare Hours Per Week by Hosting An Au Pair! Au pairs provide childcare for their host family’s children, up to 45 hours per week, during weekdays, evenings and weekends as long as he/she has 1 1/2 consecutive days off per week and 1 full weekend off per month. They prepare their meals, do their laundry, get them to school and other activities, help them with homework, and make fun plans with them during their free time
Meet 20 Year Old Terrific Male Au Pair from Germany, Marvin
Marvin is finishing his first year with a host family in Arlington, VA where he has provided care for 2 boys, ages 8 and 13. He’s an experienced an VA licensed driver and would love to extend for an additional 9 months in the DC area.
His host family love him and had asked him to extend several months ago but he was not able to give them a commitment until he sorted out his future career/university obligations. His family were concerned that he might not be able to extend so they decided to secure a new au pair who will join them at the end of Marvins year with them, in August. He has now learned that he can stay an additional 9 months before he has to return to Germany so he is hoping to find a family. He would be ideal for a family he need childcare during the school year. He’s great with kids and has a easy going disposition.
Marvin has a shining personality and a deep love for children. In his heart he can be just as much a child with kids, when he is around them. He loves every minute and values most when he gets to see them grow up. All his life he has taken care of his younger siblings, so he knows the responsibility, but also the rewards. He is patient and motivated while caring the children. He likes to teach and support children by learning for school, that is why I always try to help my sister with her school things.
Marvin enjoys playing many sports, biking, hiking, going to the beach, swimming, cooking, and planning creative trips to th park, zoo, and museums with children. His current host family are happy to speak as a reference for him.
He can join his new family in early August, 2020.
If you’d like to learn more about Marvin or have questions about our program, please give me a call at 703-270-9011. (this is a land line so texting is not option)

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