Meet Terrific Male Au Pair from Brazil, Available for His Extension Year, Starting January 2019


If you are sorting out your childcare needs for 2019, considering a terrific au pair from Brazil who plans to extend a 2nd year in January.

Meet 20 Year Old Male Au Pair from Brazil, Diego

Prior to joining a US Host Family in January 2018, Diego had acquire hundreds of childcare hours with infants, toddlers, preschool and school aged children. He gained his experience caring for childcare for families non related to him, working and teaching in daycare centers, and he worked as a tutor with elementary school aged children. He is an experienced driver and has been driving for his current host family in MA throughout his year with them.

Diego is very dedicated, he is a strong driver and had experiences abroad with a host family who helped him to develop his maturity. He loves sports, he knows how to swim very well and loves to play volleyball and soccer. He is a natural teacher, knows how to share his knowledge and also knows how to cook. Diego is very organized as well and cares a lot about the others well-being. He is a very easy-going boy who knows how to deal with differences and adapts well anywhere.

Diego is currently finishing his first year as an au pair in the US in January, 2019. He loves his host family with 4 children, ages 8, twins,12, and 14 in MA and they think the world of him, as well. He will be sad to leave his host family in January, but he wants to experience living in another US city in his 2nd and last year as an au pair.

He will extend for another 12 months in his extension year starting in January, 2019

Diego’s current host family have this to say about him.

Diego has been a true member of our family and is always willing to be flexible or help out. There is never any drama and he never complains. He is kind and caring and we feel blessed to have ended our AP adventures with him.

During the school year Diego works a split shift schedule, putting the kids on the bus and starting back when they get off. In the summer he typically worked 5 nine hour days.

He helps them complete their chores, keeps the house tidy with the help of the children and drives them to their activities. He also cooks dinner 2-3 times per week.

I can not imagine a family that would not be a great fit for Diego. He truly loves kids, loves being outdoors and active. I think he would be an asset to any family that selects him.

His great attitude and willingness to help. We never ever have to ask him to help me out around the house, he just jumps in when he needs to and we are so thankful for that!

If you are interested in learning more about Diego or want to learn more about becoming a host family for your childcare needs, give me a call at 703-270-9011.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 10:29 AM


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