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School’s out for summer! Now is a perfect time of year to welcome an au pair into your home and your heart—whether you need an extra hand keeping your kids entertained or an extra driver for all those summertime activities, an au pair can help make school vacation stress-free.

Summer is the most popular time for au pairs to arrive, and we now have over a thousand au pairs from all around the world for you to choose from. Each one is pre-screened and ready to provide quality childcare this summer and all year long. Take a look at just a few of our incredible au pairs who are waiting to meet your family.

I’ve been assisting US families with their childcare needs through our cultural exchange program for the past 13 years. I am happy to review our program details with you and to assist you in finding the perfect au pair for your family dynamics.

You can enjoy up to 45 flexible childcare hours per week for less then $400 per week. Au pairs are responsible for childcare, doing the kids’ laundry, preparing their meals, helping with homework, setting up playdates, getting them to activities and teaching them a 2nd language.

If you have room in your home for a live in provider, we have au pairs who are already in country and eager to join a host family in the next few weeks.

Meet Terrific 21 Year Old Male Au Pair From France Available Now – December 2018

Klement arrived to the US in December, 2017. He has a valid J-1 visa and through December, 2018 and has the option to extend a 2nd full year. He is available to join his new host family on June 8, 2018. His host family love him but recently informed him they are moving to GA. They would l have loved for him to join them there but he prefers to be live in or near a city

He speaks French, English, and Spanish

He is a seasonally experienced driver and has been driving in the US since he arrived.

He has hundreds of verified hours of childcare experience with children between the ages of 3-14. He acquired much of his experience working as camp counselor, working in a kindergarten center, and providing childcare for individual families.

We contacted his references in France and this is what they had to say about him.

Do you feel Klement Jean Sebastien would be a good au pair?

I think Klement will be a good au pair because he’s listening to the kids. He knows how to be authoritarian and cool at the same time. In addition, he has always been responsible.
Is there any additional information you would like to provide? Klement is responsible. We can trust him
Do you feel Klement Jean Sebastien would be a good au pair?

I think he would be very good au pair because he is serious and open minded. During his formation he knew how to progress and questioning himself. What show his motivation to be better. But the most important is than he’s playing a lot with children. He’s a person responsible and take care of people around him.

Is there any additional information you would like to provide?

Klément can adapt himself to the situation, he can take initiatives. He’s someone really polite and helpful.
Klement has been working on his practical internship to become an animator. He loves being creative with children, teaching them, and helping them use their imagination.
Recently, his host family let him know that they would be moving to Georgia and asked if he would join them. As much as he enjoyed his host family, he felt that he wanted the be in a bigger city then where they are moving to.
He would love to join a family with children between the ages of 3-12.

Learn more about Klement from the questions we asked him when we interviewed him in France.

Do you play any sports?

I tried different sports but never find one who really fit me. When I was child I tried Tennis and Judo and more recently different type of dance and swimming team than I liked more. I also did some ski with friends who was really great because I lived next to mountains (Alpes).

What kind of outdoor activities do you like?

I dont do special activities but I love travel so much, I went to quite a lot of countries and a lot of places in France also. I made my Erasmus in Istanbul last 6 months and I went to USA when I was 16 in NY. I had the chance to go in a lot of different country of Europe (England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Romania and Lithuania). This summer I will also go in Netherlands and Hungary.

Do you like creative activities?

I am a really creative person, I would like to become video director and I do also a bit of photography. I did also one year of theater but I prefer to be behind the camera.
Please describe any other activities or interests you participate in and enjoy such as going to the movies, museums, reading, cooking, travel, etc.

As someone interested in video I love to go to cinema or museum because I studied some Art History. I also love to cook for people. Some of my favorite films are “Her”, ‘Yves Saint Laurent”, “Imitation Game”, “Divines” or “Laurence anyway”.

What activities (outdoors and indoors) would you like to do with the children in your host family?

I love cartoon as a big kid, I love Disney movies. But mainly I enjoy the most to play with children like outside or boarder game to develop their creativity.

Please describe any other talents or skills you have that would be useful when caring for children.

I can create games and manual activities as an animator. I have a lot of imagination to create. We could do some painting, cutting and sticking but I like the most is to make the daily life as a game.

Give me a call at 703-270-9011 (land line).  My name is Rhonda Colley. I have been a Childcare Consultant for cultural exchange for the last 13 years and am happy to assist you with your childcare needs.

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