Wonderful 27 Year Old Au Pair from South Africa Available 5/11/18, 6000 Verified Hours if Infant Care Experience



Thinking of hosting an au pair for your childcare needs? You can enjoy up to 45 flexible childcare hours per week along with the many conveniences of having you childcare cared for in the comfort of their own home.

If you have room in your home for a live in childcare provider, your family can enjoy a cultural exchange experience with an au pair of your choice from over 30 countries. We highly screen and qualify our au pairs through our recruitment offices all over the world.

Your au pair will provide childcare, help with homework, expose your children to a 2nd language, do their laundry, get them to various activities, prepare their meals, and, you can even build in a “date night” with your weekly hours.

Whether your childcare needs are immediate or you are planning ahead, we have hundreds of highly screened and qualified au pairs for you to consider based on your family dynamics and time line for needing childcare. Your average weekly cost between the stipend you pay your au pair and the program fees which cover their international round trip air fare, medical and travel insurance, and year round support from a Local Childcare Consultant in your area comes out to under $400 per week.

Meet 27 Year Old Au Pair from South Africa, Livhuwani

Livhuwani arrived to the US on in March, 2017. Her first family were not complying to the rules of our program which required us to transition Liv to make sure she joined a family who honored program rules. She has been wither her current family for nearly 7 months. Her J-1 Visa was extended to March, 2019.

She has over 6000 verified hours of childcare experience with infants and toddlers as well as experience with children 2 and older. She would be delighted to join a family with young children to complete her extension year with.

Liv is currently located in Sanford, NC.
Available from Friday, May 11th 2018.

Reason For This Transition
The primary reason for Liv’s transition was a change in host family circumstances. To elaborate further, Liv’s host family is leaving the program to move closer to family abroad, following a family tragedy.
Liv is a very strong au pair, and wants to finish her extension year successfully. Her host family highly recommends her. Her host mom feels that she truly cares for her kids, is knowledgeable about their needs, has good instincts, and is a very loving and responsible person. She is also very easy to live with, and has easily found her place as a family member.

Liv’s family will officially move on May 12. They would love as much time as they can have with her, but also want her to have every available opportunity. With enough notice, they can let her leave early – please just discuss with your Placement Manager.

Liv speaks excellent English as well as Sesotho. She is an experienced driver, having obtained her driver’s license in South Africa in 2014 and has been driving daily in the US.

Here are some things we learned about Liv when she was interviewed in our office in South Africa.

Do you play any sports?
Yes.I did athletics in high school.and I also played netball.it was fun and I would love to go back if I have the time,i think it would also be good for exercise.

Do you enjoy music?
yes I live for music,i actually find inspiration in music(hillsongs,and country music)but when im down and need some comfort I enjoy playing deep house music.

What kind of outdoor activities do you like?
I love camping during weekeds ,mostly every weekend.playing ball,and small picnics with family gets me going.

Do you like creative activities?
I love fashion.I’m big on clothes and I’m also passionate about styling people.wherever I go I always have my camera with me,that’s just how much I love taking pictures especially when I’m going to the woods or in a forest but mostly I love taking pictures in lakes rivers and waterfalls,they speak so much volume.And when I feel creative I write articles that mostly concern the youth.
Please describe any other activities or interests you participate in and enjoy such as going to the movies, museums, reading, cooking, travel, etc.

I love and enjoy cooking both traditional and western foods, I love preparing meals that include meat.to me cooking and baking is therapy .I love trying out new recipes especially for cookies and cake.i also enjoy watching chick flick movies and series.

What activities (outdoors and indoors) would you like to do with the children in your host family?
I enjoy painting,playing ball,reading and writing.coloring their color book with those baby crayons. do puzzles, build blocks, bicycle rides and swimming.

Please describe any other talents or skills you have that would be useful when caring for children.

I am qualified fire fighter and I also did basic ambulance.should anything happen would quickly know what to do.

Attributes of : Livhuwani
Livhuwani is very humble, driven, ambitious, outspoken, honest, down to earth, friendly and really enjoys making new friends.

Livhuwani has been thinking of being an au pair since 2011 when she finished high school. She wants to do this because she really loves taking care of children and would also love the travelling experience in the USA. Livhuwani says what might be most difficult for her as an au pair is being matched with a family that doesn’t believe in God. She hopes to use the knowledge and experience she will gain to further increase her skills in childcare

Livhuwani says she imagines that her normal day will be really busy, her activities will largely depend on the number and age group of the children she’ll be taking care of. She expects that her host family will accept her and love her as a member of the family. She says from her they should expect someone very responsible who will not only be an au pair to them but also an older sister to the kids and be responsible at all times.

Livhuwani told me of a very difficult time once when the child she normally takes care of had a very strong fever in the night and had to drive out and take her to the doctor at night. From her telling me about this experience I could sense a very strong sense of responsibility from her. She stays with her older brother and nephew and says that they are quite happy with her taking this opportunity to go see the world but at the same time sad because they’ll miss her terribly.

What Livhuwani really enjoys the most about taking care of children is the time they spend together, the memories they create and really listening to all the funny things children have to say. She says they make any day better.

If you are interested in learning more, give me a call at 703-270-9011.   My name is Rhonda Colley and I have been assisting families with their childcare needs for over 12 years.

Thursday, 12 April 2018 1:30 PM


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