Terrific Au Pair from Germany, Available Now Through 5/6/18- Great Option for Short Term Care

Meet terrific 20 year old au pair from Germany. David arrived to the US in August, 2016 . He is in his extension year, having extended for 9 months from August 2017 through May 2018.
He could be a perfect childcare solution for a family who need short term childcare, or are interested in hosting an au pair for a brief period of time to experience having a live in provider. He is currently in transition with 10 weeks remaining in his year. He is available now through May 6, 2018
He has childcare experience with kids between the ages of 3-12 and is wonderful with children. He’s an experienced driver and very comfortable driving in the US. He has excellent references from families in Germany as well as from his host family in the US.
He is in transition for breaking a weeknight curfew. He was sorry he stayed out beyond his curfew but it only happened once. He feels badly that his host family weren’t willing to overlook the one incident He has excellent references with his first host family (see references below)
Below is information about David, including references, his attributes, skills, interests, and education
Host family reference
Do you recommend your au pair? Yes
Reason for recommending David is a very nice, honest young man. He truly cares about doing a good job. He enjoys being part of the family but also easily made many of his own friends.
How many hours per day does your au pair care for your children? 10
Please describe your au pair’s weekly childcare schedule (e.g. flexible, Monday – Friday 9-5 or mostly evening care, etc.):
Flexible. We have been willing to adapt our schedule to fit his. Not many evenings or early mornings. I’m home most times when David is working.
Please describe your au pair’s main responsibilities while caring for your children.
Helping them with schoolwork. Encouraging them to do their chores. Helping with dishes and cooking dinner once a week.
Does your au pair drive as part of his duties?
If yes, please describe your au pair’s driving ability.
David is definitely a proficient driver. Has driven in many types of weather and at night up to about to over an hour one way.
What do your children like best about your au pair?
He cares for them and is ready to help them when they need it.
What do you appreciate most about your au pair?
He enjoys being part of the family. I can send him grocery shopping on his own and he always keeps up with the dishes and his room tidy. He truly cares about the children and has done well helping my seven year old tidy her room.
Attributes of David:
David is a very funny, kind and caring young man. He seems truly reliable and mature. David loves to take care of children and hopes to learn as much as possible about childcare because he wants to become a pediatrician. He is a very happy person. Being an Au Pair would be the best opportunity for him to combine his experience with children and getting to know a new country. I had the impression that he will be an asset to any host family.
David loves children and has been thinking about becoming an Au Pair for over one year. He always wanted to go abroad and he realized that being an Au Pair would be the perfect opportunity to use his experience and love for children to achieve his goal of getting to know the American way of life and traveling through the USA. David wants to become a pediatrician therefore he wants to gain even more experience with children and become more confident and independent.
David understands that being an Au Pair is a full-time job. He is aware of his daily and weekly duties and that those will depend on the children’s ages and special needs. He hopes to become part of his host family. It is important to him that his host parents give him the opportunity to be creative with the children and are open-minded. David will always respect his host family and the children will always be his top priority.
David seems truly mature and independent. He is able to handle stressful situations while staying calm because of his experience in childcare. David is very confident and resilient. I am sure he will be able to handle new situations with ease.
David loves children. He enjoys seeing them happy and admires their unprejudiced view on life. David knows how to handle children because he has a lot of different childcare experience. He loves to draw and do handicrafts with children. David is very creative. He knows many different and fun ways to keep children busy and David loves cooking and baking with children. If one of the children didn’t like him in the beginning, he would not get discouraged. He would be patient, show his fun character and would try to get to know the child better. He knows that the children will sometimes need some time to adjust. I am sure he will be an excellent caregiver.
Do you play any sports?
I play tennis in the club twice as week. And I go every time by bike for training. In general, I like to ride by bike. In the summer I also like the to go to the outdoor pool with friends and in the winter I go sometimes in the sauna. I also play in the school very much volleyball and go with buddies, most recently to the gym. I would be very happy, if I could continue this sport in the US.
Do you enjoy music?
When I was 10 I played the flute for two years, because I wanted to learn an instrument. After two years the group disbanded and I have stopped playing the flute, but my fluet is still in the closet. In kindergarten were I do my practical expierience with children we sang different songs that I still knew from my time such as the German children’s song,, In einem kleinen Apfel “.
What kind of outdoor activities do you like?
I love to make cycling. Even for Tennis training, I always get the bike. When I’m in Poland I’m also happy with my family in the Sudeten to hike. From Śnieżka one has a breathtaking view of the Hirschberg Valley in nice weather. In winter we are driving here also for skiing. Otherwise, I also like to ride in a canoe in Poland as well as in Germany.
Do you like creative activities?
In my spare time I am also very pleased with the photograph. This passion I think is from my cousin, with whom I’ve made many great pictures that you can see in my album.
Please describe any other activities or interests you participate in and enjoy such as going to the movies, museums, reading, cooking, travel, etc.
On weekends I go also like the cinema with friends and in summer playing in the park for common volleyball while enjoying the beautiful weather and the great atmosphere. For birthdays, we also love to barbecue. And during the cold season, we go ice skating together.
What activities (outdoors and indoors) would you like to do with the children in your host family?
I enjoy doing outdoor activities with the children e.g. go to the playground or to play with the older shared tennis or take a short bike ride. On rainy days, I would play with them board games, painting, handicrafts, baking together, tell a story or help with homework.
Please describe any other talents or skills you have that would be useful when caring for children.
What would you like to do when you return from your time as an au pair?
I am very interested in science and, therefore, would like to help with maths, chemistry or biology. Since I play tennis for 6 years I would also like to play with the older kids Tennis.
What is your current occupation? Student
What type of education do you have? Secondary
I want to study medicine at the university.After my studies I would like to specialize in pediatrics.
If you are interested in David or would like to learn more about our cultural exchange program, give me a call. I can be reached at 703-270-9011.
My name is Rhonda Colley and I have been assisting families with our program information for the past 12 years. I have met hundreds of wonderful young men and women who come to the states for a year or two to experience our cultural and become a part of their host family’s lives. Feel free to call me directly (my number is a land line so please don’t text) 

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