Meet 25 Year Old, Infant Experienced, Au Pair from Brazil

Camila arrived to the United States in late August, 2017. She is available to join a new host family now through February 22, 2018 and has the option to extend a 2nd year when her current year ends in late summer. She is currently in Fredrick, Md and has been caring for 4 children, ages 9, 6 (twins) and 2.

She is an experienced driver in the United States , has great references and has an impressive application.

Below is information we gathered when Camila was interviewed in our office in Brazil

Camila is a cheerful young lady.We talked for over two hours. what a conversation! She managed to talk about her accomplishments and goals so easily. she told me she had a graduation on marketing and currently she is working in a nursing school. Her main reason for join the Au pair program is making bonds which is important to her. Her only concern is communicating but she is studying and preparing herself the best she can so the adaptation transition would be smooth.

Camila has worked as a clerk in a bank, as a saleswoman in a a call center and for the past six months she is doing a volunteer work in a a nursing school caring for babies from 0 to 2 years. She is putting all her affords to be prepared to the program so she can get the best of it.

Camila knows caring for children requires a lot of responsibility, focus and loving. The most rewarding part in all this experience is observing the children growth and development. She spends her free time biking, traveling, hiking and at the beach. She told me She truly hopes the HF would be clear with her about what she is expected to do and what she is allowed to do and also team up with her so the language barrier would be smooth.

Camila learned about the program a few years ago. Recently a friend told her that she was in the program and was awesome. That made her curious enough to take a closer look into the program and all the benefits from it. She made up her mind and immediately started looking for experience with children. Her volunteer work came in hand and she is enjoys caring for babies.

If you would like to learn more about Camila or about our program, in general, give me a call at 703-270-9011. This is a land line so texting is not an option. You are welcome to email me at

Rhonda Colley-Childcare Advisor

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 6:07 PM


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