22 Year Old Au Pair from Italy Available Now for 6 Months and Open To Extending


If you have room in your home for a live in childcare provider, I am happy to give you a call to review our program information with you, send you our website, and answer your questions.

With au pair childcare, you have the freedom to schedule 45 childcare hours per week for when you need them most—including night-time and weekend hours. Our au pairs are highly screened and qualified from 30 countries. Your children can be cared for in the comfort of your home ,do his laundry, fix meals, and help keep their bedrooms clean— all at just $ per $1,587.7 month, which is more affordable than daycare or nannies for many families.

Jodye, 22, from Italy, recently went into transition in Phoenix, AZ where she was caring for a 5 year old boy. She has childcare experience with children between the ages of 3-10. She has excellent childcare experiences and references. She is an experienced driver in the US and has owned her own car in Italy since 2014.

1st Reference
Do you feel Jodye would be a good au pair? Jodye can work with children and she can manage a lot of children at the same time
Is there any additional information you would like to provide? She’s friendly and responsible.

Jodye is very well organized, patient and sweet with the kids. She is also able to deal with difficult situations when kids are sad or unhappy.

2nd Reference

Do you feel Jodye would be a good au pair? Jodye has always shown great affinity with children, she has been attentive to their safety and she always took care of them very responsibly. She knows how to approach them in the right way.

Is there any additional information you would like to provide? Jodye is a good girl, willing, hardworking, polite and very kind

Available from Saturday, February 3rd 2018.
Must be placed by Friday, February 16th and the program term is scheduled to end on July 30th 2018. She is open to extending into a 2nd year.

Here is her letter to her future host family
Hello family,

I’m Jodye and I think that I’m a special person.
I would like to be an au pair to kown a typical family of the USA, because one of my bigger dreams is to be part of that.
I could be a responsible sister, a good friend and an example for all this around me.
I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a nice person, because I’m positive and emotional.
I’m a dancer, but I also enjoy singing, reading, writing, drawing, walking around and traveling.
I’m an animals’ lover and I have a little dog and a Guinea pig.
I also love every kind of art, so I like to go to museums and to visit historical towns.
I have an adult’s mind and child’s heart.
I hope to meet you soon and I hope that you like me.


Life at home
What language is spoken in your home? Italian
What other languages do you speak? English, French, Italian, Spanish Fluent English Basic French Basic Spanish

Have you ever lived away from home for more than 2 months? Yes. I lived away from home for 3 months when I went to Sardinia to do a entertainer in a holiday village and I miss them, but they were proud of me and I was happy to improve myself in that new experience.

Please describe your experience with any household duties (cooking, cleaning…): I live alone so I can cleaning, I can cook and I’m very precise and organized about household.

Do you play any sports?
I like volleyball, tennis, baseball.. but I don’t practice often sport. I would like to learn to go on surf and skateboard. I like skating, but I’m not very well!

What kind of outdoor activities do you like?
Sometimes I go to run or ride biclycle, but I would like to hiking, to camping or to snorkeling. I love swimming or only hold my breath underwater : it’s relaxing. I like go to the park and play, run or sit on grass to see the sky. I love sunrise and sunset, so, often, I go in a field near my home and I watch the beautiful colors of the sky or, at night, I spend a lot of time to watch the moon and the stars.

Do you like creative activities?
I’m a very creative person. I need to write a lot of poems, because I want write my thoughts and read theme after some years; I like to take a photo and edit them (most of all to the sunset, sunrise or see), but especially I’m a professional dancer, so to create choreography is my favorite hobby. I love also drawing and painting, but I’m not very well.

Please describe any other activities or interests you participate in and enjoy such as going to the movies, museums, reading, cooking, travel, etc.

I’m a curious person and this character brings me to do everything I can do, such as travel, going to the museum, going to parks, reading, playing with videogames or barbie.. EVERYTHING! I love travel, art, animal, people..I love the world and I don’t want miss anything.

What activities (outdoors and indoors) would you like to do with the children in your host family?
We could play in the garden with a plants, to hide and seek or to play to water games if we are outdoor. Indoor we could play with board games, video games or we could cook, or we could watching cartoon. When I was young, during the Christmas day, I was going to my aunt’s house and my cousins and I were creating a little show together (someone sang, someone was telling jokes, another was dancing) to show to our kin that night. I loved these time! I had fun!
Please describe any other talents or skills you have that would be useful when caring for children.

I’m a energetic and funny person so I could make them laugh, I could dance with them, I could teach them something important while they have fun and, in the end, I love sweets, children love sweets so.. Everyone eat an big ice cream!
Let me know your thoughts.

I can be reached at 703-270-9011. Please don’t text this number. It is a land line. My name is Rhonda Colley and I have been assisting families with our program information for the past 12 years. I have met hundreds of wonderful young men and women who come to the states for a year or two to experience our cultural and become a part of their host family’s lives.

Let me know if you would like me to call you or send you some information. I’ll need to get your email address and/or phone number.

Saturday, 3 February 2018 1:07 PM


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