Meet 21 Year Old Au Pair from Finland Eager to Join a Family In September

Meet Vilma a 21 year old Finish au pair who is very excited to become part of an American family this fall. She is a confidant Scandinavian who is sporty, clever and reliable. She has been counseling and coaching children for years and really enjoys being a part of their lives.
She says, “The more time I have spent with children the more I’ve realized how much I love being with them. I love how they’re so curious and inventive and creative and have a huge will to learn something new all the time. Sometimes I found myself being completely mesmerized just by watching children play or do something totally normal. Working at the kindergarten this year I’ve gotten to know each child and learned how to deal with different types of temperaments and personalities. I’ve become better at communicating with children and reacting to different situations, such as fights and controversies. The best and the most rewarding thing with children has been when several of them have come up to me and told me they like me. Also seeing how they have actually built trust in me has been absolutely great. As an au pair I would love to truly get to know your kids and the whole family, and be a part of your life.”
Vilma has advanced English and has been driving for over 3 years and has experience driving in the snow. She is extremely creative and loves doing arts and crafts. She receives wonderful references and is described as being patient, empathetic and trustworthy.
If you’re interested in attention and consistent care from an energetic, loving caregiver, the comfort of having your children looked after in their own home by someone who knows the rules and routine, and an opportunity for your children to learn a second language and exposure to another country’s games, songs and cuisine, hosting an au pair may be just the right fit for your family. Vilma holds a J-1 visa, and can provide up to 45 hours of live-in childcare per week, up to 10 hours per day, and hosting an au pair costs just $385 per week. To learn more about Vilma or the au pair program, please contact Rhonda Colley at 703-270-9011

Tuesday, 8 August 2017 9:57 AM


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