Meet 26 Year Old, Infant Qualified Au Pair from Australia, Samantha -I

Are you expecting your first baby or twins/triplets or growing you family wth a 2nd or 3rd child and search for affordable and flexible childcare? If you have room in your home for a live in childcare provider, you can enjoy 45 flexible childcare hours per week including weekdays, evenings and weekends, for $390, which breaks down to less then $9 per hour. Au Pairs care for the children, do their laundry, prepare their meals, clean up after them, get them to their activities, and help them with homework. Parents can have the peace of mind that their children are cared for in the comfort of their own home.
Meet 26 Year Old Au Pair from Austrailia, Samantha
Samantha has over 6700 verified hours of infant care experience with babies as young as 3 months through 2 year olds. She loves caring for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and has excellent references. (see below) She is able to join a family in the US in August, 2017. She would be a terrific childcare provider with parents of multiples
She is an experienced driver and has her own car in Australia.
Here are responses provide to us by her references .
Do you feel Samantha would be a good au pair?
Sam would make an amazing au pair, she truly has a kind, warm hearted and caring nature. Sam maintains a strong relationship with the families and children within her care, ensuring to follow their routine to that at home, she is selfless, nurturing and a fun person to be around. Her positivity radiates amongst the children and staff within her presence.
Do you feel Samantha would be a good au pair?
Samantha is my supervisor within the workplace; she has mentored and guided me throughout my traineeship. I look up to her as an Educator, a role model and a person. With having years of experience, Samantha is confident within her role as an Educator and continues to amaze those around her daily. The children and families adore Sam, as she is an incredible Educator.
February 03, 2017; Non-related reference. Verified 5850 IQ hours.
Samantha has been working together for three years, at Kindercapers Childcare center. She was Jess’s supervisor in the baby’s room and they work together every day. “Sam is a positive, relaxed, patient person, who the children and the families all love. She has been an asset to the company since she started. She is bubbly, friendly, and kind-hearted. She is a genuine person, and I knew we would have a great relationship from the moment I met her. She is very approachable, always relaxed and has a positive attitude. She has been working for Kindercapers for 6 years so she is really ready for a change. She also does a lot of babysitting outside of work. She is trustworthy and caring, knows all about childcare – from nutrition, to how to get them to sleep, to how to get them to stop crying- and she is very professional while being knowledgeable.” Highly recommended.
Do you feel Samantha Maree would be a good au pair?
I think Sam would definitely be a great au pair. From what i have seen in the time I worked with Sam is that she loves working with children as much as they love having her around.
Is there any additional information you would like to provide?
Sam is always a happy, bubbly person that everyone loves to be around. She works very hard and is very loyal to her friends, family and workplace. I cant imagine Sam working in another other field other than childcare as she loves it and everything about it so much.

February 03, 2017; Non-related reference. Verified 912 IQ hours.
Melissa worked with Samantha at a daycare center. She was in the baby’s room together with her. “Samantha was very attentive with the kid and very good about controlling them in group experiences. She also has looked after my 8 month old, about 3-4 times for just a few hours. She was really great and my baby loves her. Actually, I’ve never seen a child that didn’t love Samantha! She really gets down to their level. They are always drawn to her and childcare is all she’s ever done. She just really loves kids. She is very loyal, as a friend and a worker. She is bubbly, happy, supportive…I think she would be great as an au pair, she would become part of the family. I think she would be good for the role; she is fabulous, and I absolutely recommend her.”
Do you play any sports?
I do not play any sports but I do watch the football with family and friends and I also go and watch my nieces in sport aerobics competitions and play netball. I love at family picnics playing cricket and soccer with all of the family.
Do you enjoy music?
I love listening to all kinds of music whether it be in the car and singing along to the song with my nieces or just chilling out on my own and relaxing while listening to the music
What kind of outdoor activities do you like?
I love to go camping with family and friends and ride my push bike around with my nieces, we love when the weather is nice taking the boat out with the tubes on the back and having a good time.
Do you like creative activities?
I love being creative with children, some activities I do with them is painting, playing in goop, making play dough and just getting messy.
Please describe any other activities or interests you participate in and enjoy such as going to the movies, museums, reading, cooking, travel, etc.
I enjoy going to the movies, beach, reading, shopping and going on small adventures, traveling overseas for the first time this year so I’m excited for that.
What activities (outdoors and indoors) would you like to do with the children in your host family?
I love any kind of messy activities outdoors whether it be painting, playing in mud or dirt, running around, riding bikes etc Indoors drawing, painting, reading, baking etc
Please describe any other talents or skills you have that would be useful when caring for children.
I’m really good with babies and can find a way to settle them when upset.  I love doing love doing activities with older children that they are interested in.
If you would like to learn more about Samantha and our au pair program, give me a call at 703-270-9011. My name is Rhonda Colley. I am a Childcare Consultant for a wonderful cultural exchange program and happy to review our program details with you.

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